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Cosmetic Tattooing


Brow Feathering Pricing: $550 

Price Includes:

6-8 Week Follow Up Perfection Session

(Must be used within 6months)

Aftercare Pack

Touch Ups:

6-24 months $250

Brow Feathering Touch-Up from Elsewhere:

Depending on condition of remaining Tattoo.

Prices start at $250.

To make booking, Book Online using online bookings tab on this website. Or please Text 0423022029 for Further Booking information.

Feathering / Microblading

Info coming soon x


Ombre, Combination

Info coming soon x 


Hyper Realism / Nano Feathering

Info coming soon x 


Brow Feathering / Microblading  is an advanced semi-permanent Cosmetic Tattooing treatment implanting pigment in the skin using fine strokes replicating our natural brow hair for the most natural look. With being trained using specialised techniques and being delivered with the highest quality pigments and equipment, allow Oakville Beauty Bliss to perfect your brows.

There is little to no downtime for this process, you will just find for the first week your brows will be quite dark while healing.

Brow Feathering is the ultimate Treatment to bring you:

-Full/defined Brows

-Shape Correction

-Brow realignment

-Cover* Scarring, Hair loss and Skin  Conditions

-Waterproof, Effortless Brows

Being a semi permanent treatment, the pigment used is designed to lighten and fade overtime, which allows us to re evaluate after a period of time shape and colour as time/trends pass.

With this unique technology you will require ongoing touch ups, every client varies but your looking at 12 - 18 months after your original 6-8 week perfection session.

After your initial visit a follow up 6-8 week touch up (perfection session) is required to assess the result and touch up any areas and 'perfect'.

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